Wednesday, December 2, 2009

EZ Motorbike Production continues

Hi Readers, well the machine shop is cutting our parts with the CNC Mills churning out small mountains of chips!

Soon, we will ship the machined parts to North Carolina for final assembly. Then Dealers like Jay Cruise, AKA jbcruisin and Bill Bolton AKA azbill , RecycleBill down in North Carolina and othere who do not have addresses up yet will have these American Made single-speed, street legal Motorized Bicycle transmissions to replace worn-out, defective, or inefficient units they currently have. EZM hase never had any transmissions wear out, nor have factory defects, but other brands I have owned have these problems.

Green? wow, imagine that with a Carb II engine on a bicycle getting 160-180 mpg of regular gas, with NO OIL mixed into the fuel, that your carbon-footprint will be soo small they will have to get out Bloodhounds to even find yours!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome to EZ Motorbike Sacramento!

Hi Mike here I wanted to get this started so I could tell you about EZ Motorbike, our new Motorbike Corporation based in North Carolina. You will find us at

I'm not new to the 'Net, nor to Motorbikes, but am new to blogging so I'll need you-all to bear with me and maybe we can learn this together.

Some of you may know me as MotorbikeMike.

I invite you to see my website and you'll see a lot of Motorized bicycles there. Ranging from some early SpitFires, to Skyhawks, then StarFires, later the Whizzers and finally the EZBikes!

If any of you have questions concerning Whizzer both vintage and modern, Motorized Bicycles, and especially EZMotorbikes I'll try to be the very best source of this info on the 'net.

EZ Motorbike is striving to be the best Motor Bicycle company in the US and as it becomes possible on the 'net. One plan we have for achieving this goal is that we actually listen to our Dealers and Customers. What a unheard of concept?

I also have built a line of Antique Motorcycle Replicas which we can discuss here. I will need to learn to upload pictures, as it will be a lot easier than to keep typing about them.

Well, lets see how this goes, shall we?